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Carpet Cleaning Rochester MI | Rochester Carpet Cleaner | Rochester Cleaning Service

For over thirty years, EVER/READY Carpet Cleaning has been serving the Rochester area and southeast Michigan. Ever since our founding, our customers have relied on our carpet cleaning services to remove the dirt from the carpets in their home in order to make them beautiful. Carpet is prone to constant abuse especially if there are children or pets in the home which is why EVER/READY Carpet Cleaning is the one people call when it comes to stain removal, water extraction and even upholstery cleaning. When most people think carpet cleaning companies, they expect a company to come out with a machine, wash their carpets and call it a day but EVER/READY Carpet Cleaning is more than that. Our cleaning service options include ceramic tile cleaning and stone cleaning as well as upholstery cleaning for furniture that was subjected to staining. We can even clean the carpets in your cars if you want the floors and seats taken care of after a long winter of trudging in snow and salt from the streets and parking lot or before you're planning on selling it. How frequently should you have the carpets professionally cleaned in your home? That depends on the amount of activity within the house. Children and pets add considerable wear-and-tear to the carpet and that increased traffic drives dirt particles deep into the carpet where it can cause the carpet to wear down quicker than it should. With children, it's not uncommon to have a professional carpet cleaner take care of the carpets once a year. For adults with no kids, you can go longer with most waiting over two years before carpet cleaning. Small habits like taking off your shoes when you enter the home will decrease the amount of dirt being pushed into the carpet and allow you to wait a little longer between carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning service go beyond neighborhoods and houses. Many hotels, retirement homes and apartment complexes utilize our cleaning service to ensure their businesses look professional and nice. A clean carpet helps protect your investment as a company and allows your employees to feel that they are conducting business in a clean environment. EVER/READY Carpet Cleaning is also the go-to company when it comes to emergency water extraction in the event there's a flood in your home or business or you have a considerable amount of water damage. If your home has water damage, it's imperative that you take care of it as soon as possible. Water in the carpets may cause mold growth underneath the carpet which not only leaves a musty smell but can be harmful to your health. Since 1984, EVER/READY Carpet Cleaning has been called out to countless homes and businesses when those in the Rochester area and metro Detroit required a carpet cleaner. Our glowing reviews as well as being a part of the Better Business Bureau and the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce are proof that we're serious about providing excellent customer service and doing our best when it comes to carpet cleaning. From tile cleaning to upholstery cleaning, large businesses to a single room in your house, let EVER/READY Carpet Cleaning take care of your carpet and floors.

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